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  • Minister of Lands, Forests and Water Resources

After the fire in 1961

A Dutch Company applied to Log and Mill at Crooked Lake. Gail Hanson was hired as a tugboat operator. He remembers the waves being so high in Crooked Lake that they went over the cab of the boat. He also remembers them being a very good company to work for. Here is what is in the records.

Ministry of Lands, Forests and Water Resources recommends:

"that a licence to occupy certain unsurveyed foreshore in Crooked Lake, Cariboo District be granted to Netherlands Overseas Mills Ltd. for log storage purposes for a term of one year at a rental

of $85.00 per annum. The Company is the operator of Salvage Timber Sales X87875 and X87876 which were awarded for the removal of large areas of fire-killed timber burnt by a large forest fire in 1961." See the full application at

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