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Winter at Crooked Lake offers a new range of wilderness adventure: ice-fishing, sledding, snowboarding, snow-shoeing the trails or snowmobiling the new trails that are created with the falling snow. 

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Is snowmobiling in the mountains on your bucket list? Ask us about our partnerships with local snowmobile clubs and equipment providers to help you with your experience and equipment needs.

Al and Yogi ice fishing. Michael Bednar



  Whether its ice fishing or you want to

   work the drop-offs  by  trolling, or 

  calmly bobbing around in your float

   tube, we have what you're  looking for.

Crooked Lake is famous for its  

  abundance of wild rainbow trout. Or

try your luck at many of the nearby lakes    and rivers, which are rich with a variety of lake

trout, kokanee and rainbow trout.

Nestled in the heart of wildlife management unit 5-15 A, the area surrounding Crooked Lake offers up amazing hunting opportunities for Moose, mule and white-tail deer, mountain goat, black bear, wolf, coyote, lynx, cougar, bobcat, snowshoe hare, Columbian ground squirrel, grouse, ptarmigan, coots, ducks and geese. Check out our hunter accommodation’s.


Opportunity abounds. Wildlife including Mountain goat, mountain caribou, mule deer, black bear, grizzly, wolf, moose, lynx, hoary marmot and wolverine are among the animals you may see, hear or find signs of. Bald and golden eagles, ospreys and many varieties of hawks soar the skies as well.  Snow capped mountains, waterscapes, flora and fauna... The Cariboo has it all to offer.

              Trails and Roads

Explore hundreds of kilometers of trails and roads on your sled, mountain bike, ATV, or horse. Enjoy the long, winding logging roads or embark rougher un-touched areas.

Take in the beautiful views of Upper or Lower Horsefly Falls, Jason Falls or the alpine meadows of Eureka Peak. Trails range in all levels of difficulty yet all offering stunning views.


Here at Crooked Lake Resort, we are the only open for business activity on Crooked Lake. We have 5 fully serviced cabins, 2 'trapper' cabins, 10 RV sites, endless unique tent sites, and a 22 person rec camp mobile set up. We are also the only communication spot for the many travelers, campers, hunters and winter enthusiasts, including those who utilize the forest service camps in approximately a 40 km radius.

That said, check out our testimonials to find out how Crooked Lake Resort can meet your quiet seclusion desires or have room with plenty to spare for your wedding or family reunion.

With over 1000 ft of waterfront and 14 acres of green'll find yours.

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