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Check out our variety of accommodations from fully serviced cabins to RV and campsites.  Bring your own food and drinking water or prepare to boil ours.

Crooked Lake Resort hasn't been open in the winter for the past 10 years.  When we bought the resort in 2016 we decided to keep it open all year. This excited snowmobilers and winter enthusiast. The only thing that changes is we can't keep the water running to all of the cabins. However, we can use bucket water to flush and folks who'd like a shower can use the one in the lodge.

Crooked Lake Resort welcomes you to bring your pets. Please ask about our policies and fees to make you, your pets, other guests and pets stay as comfortable as possible. We can also provide limited wifi and voice over internet phone for a small fee per use. Firewood is like gold when you are off the grid. We work hard to keep you warm and mesmerized by a beautiful fire. There is a $10.00 per night firewood charge. You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer and if you end up sharing your fires, we will take that into account upon check out. We are off the grid so be prepared to enjoy the view and take the time to reboot!

So if winter is here which means while we are still open the road may not be! There is a good chance you'll need to sled or fly in. We'll be roughing it a bit more in some of the cabins. The Longhouse is the only cabin other than the lodge that can have running water, which means outhouse or feel welcome to use the washroom and shower up at the lodge. Everything else stays the same and for many even better. Toasty, fully stocked cabins with made up beds, a view to kill, sledding, x country skiing, skating, ice fishing, tobogganing, snow shoeing, or just chilling by the fire.

Call us if you only need to stay one night and please remember that long weekends are 3 night minimum stays. 

Did you know that you can reserve our entire Crooked resort for 2 or more days for just $1500 per day for up to 40 guests? That's under $40 per day per guest! Great for retreats, family reunions, or just a gathering of like minded folks to reboot off the grid for a beat. We have a few spots during the week and some crazy open weekends. 

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