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  • Sue and Roland

Enjoyed Our Stay

Hello Al and Kim,

First of all we have to say we had the best trip we have ever had in the Cariboo and our stay at Crooked Lake Lodge was far too short. It was our intention to put five more lakes under the keel of our vintage 1940's or so Chestnut cedar and canvas canoe bringing it to an even 60 and we couldn't have done it in a nicer place.

We acquired this canoe in 1986 in a sad state and know nothing about it's prior history. It had broken ribs and planking as well as a broken outer gunwale and needed to be re-canvassed so I took it to a local boat builder in Pender Harbour on BC's Sunshine Coast by the name of Fred Crosby. He built a lot of commercial fishing boats and one of his last boats was a 50 foot replica of the well known schooner the Blue Nose. A week or so after dropping it off he called to tell me it was finished and about $900 later it was on the top of my truck. He told me that a fellow who saw it before it was finished said it could be as old as 1936 and offered $1500 if I wanted to sell but I was not interested. It's actual age is still not known but it is pre-1960 because Chestnut did not retain serial number records prior to that year or so I have been told. The serial number on ours is 12406 and given that Chestnut began in 1905 but were making canoes as early as 1897 and at their height were producing 3000 canoes a year it's fair to say 1940's is close to accurate.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay both in the cabin and log house so in a way we were glad the fridge died. Your hospitality was second to none and the pot luck dinner was an especially fun evening and to have it topped off with the best lightning show we have ever seen was too good to be true. Welcome to BC, we wish you the best in your new venture, you have certainly chosen a fabulous spot.

Roland and Sue

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