Join us at Crooked Lake Resort for our 1st Annual

                          Crooked Cures Women's Weekend June 11-13, 2021

Hey all Crooked Crusaders! Due to the Corona Break, we are going to look forward to

our Crooked Cures Women's Wellness Weekend in 2021. June 11, 12 and 13th. We

want this weekend to be all about relaxing, rebooting and embracing time that is all

about us connecting, not distancing. So keep in the loop. We'll keep the discussions,

videos and inspirations coming and we'll see you in a whole new light. Keep up with the

discussion on our facebook page.

'YOUR' Whatever you want weekend! 

 Crooked Cures will be a weekend filled with time

just for you to choose what you want to do...


Holistic healing sessions


Emotion Code




Hot Stone massage

Axe throwing

Belly dancing


Eureka Hike...more to come

Water, forest, mountains, rustic cabins, camping, canoeing, kayaking,

paddle boarding, hiking, campfires, star gazing...or just sitting under

a tree by the lake.

Great food and wonderful women all with at least one thing in common...

Setting time aside to reboot, recharge, tilt your head to the side and say

'Ya Baby so glad I did this!'...leave with a smile and more positive energy

to take home and share. Are you a woman with a skill or talent you'd like to

teach/share with others? Are you a woman with a desire to learn or just try

something new or just do that ole familiar thing that you love? Our Crooked

Cures Weekend may justhit the spot!


Pick 'your' package to suit you. Come for a few hours or a few days.

Private space, shared space or BYO space.

Call or email Kim B. at Crooked Lake Resort

250-984-1307  or


Meet some of our Crooked Cures Crusaders

Meet Kim Bouwmeester

Living in the mountains gives you all kinds of moments of reflection. The fresh air, snow peaked mountains and pristine lake

                                                               all in this Boreal Forest have an inspiring and thought provoking effect on how you

                                                              feel, work, live and play. In years gone by I have always loved to play with holistic

                                                               and natural cures for what ails ya~~ Healing happens in many forms. Cures can

                                                              come from the outside, breathtaking visuals, music and song, breathing fresh crisp air,

                                                              loving touch, nutrition and Laughing! Cure can come from the inside, deep breaths,

                                                               positive thoughts and energy toward ourselves and others, exhaling and releasing

                                                              tension and negativity…more laughing!

After many years working together with children and adults who struggled with  physical, emotional, along with

mental health and financial issues, it seemed only natural to me to look at their overall/whole world patterns and problems…

putting healing into perspective and individual autonomy. So I put my love of herbs and sneaking healthy foods into my kids

meals on the wall with little autographed diplomas that say I can talk about Mental Health, Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism.

Hence! Crooked Cures!

Crooked Cures is about perspective! Through our journey to get to this place Crooked Lake Resort we have been

passionate about being sustainable…holistically. When you live off the grid, and are 2 hours from a major centre,

it means looking at things from many different perspectives. Surviving our first winter in the mountains was an adventure
filled with what ifs and why nots. We learned the importance of preparation, getting the wood/kindling and outside chores

done before dark. We learned to make food from scratch (Crooked Cooking)…what’s in the freezer and cupboard. We learned

that mice and packrats and dogs and cats all want to live with you in your warmish space when it's -40'. We chose the dogs

and cats…they convinced the rest to leave. We were cautioned to keep ahead of the snow before it gets too much and to

always have a plan b and c in case our snow removal tactics faltered. We realized that nary a few days go by before someone

will drop in to say hi and maybe enjoy some crooked cooking. But most of all, and the best words of advice…We learned to

take it in stride, cuz no matter how much you try to control your life…the universe has its own agenda for you. When the

fires started to erupt in July 2017, we were up in the alpine oblivious to the chaos that was happening to our new friends

and neighbours, albeit far away. Many people and businesses struggled to stay alive physically, emotionally and financially.

We learned  to ‘go fishing’…and keep laughing!

My vision for the Crooked Cures Women's Weekend is that women will venture out to the Cariboo Back

Country, on their own or with friends and spend some time doing just what they want to do for the

weekend. We have some pretty cool and talented women coming from near and far to share their passions 

with you if you choose. You are also welcome just to be. I will be more than happy to sit down with

                                                       anyone who wants to talk about what ever ails ya~~

                                                              I'll also help you find your axe throwing niche. And if creative

                                                       cooking is your sweet spot, come spend some time in Kim's Crooked Kitchen.

                                                       Practice what you love to do over the winter and share your unique way

                                                    of doing things in this open, accepting of everyone and everything space.

                                                    I'm thinking belly dancing :) This is Shakira, I made her and she brings out

                                                     my inner belly dancer~~~~Or maybe you need some reflective 'float' time~~~~~

Meet Kim Clark-McKay

                                        Hello new friends, I am so excited to be a part of this amazing event.  I have been to several

                                       different types of Woman’s Wellness Retreats and

                                       I can honestly say that I have always left with a new perspective on life.  I am sure that you will

                                       not be disappointed with Crooked Cures. My vision for this weekend is summed up with this.

                                       “What does it mean to hold space for another person?"
                                        It means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on

                                        without judging  them,  making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the

                                       outcome. When we HOLD SPACE for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support,

                                       and let go of judgement and control.”  So my new friends, let’s hold space for one another. Who am I,

well, I am a healer, I am a nurturer, I am a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, wife, and the list goes on...  My journey to

becoming a healer was an interesting one and I am still in awe of the gifts I have been given. 

What is a healer…”A Healer is not someone that you go to for healing.  A Healer is someone that triggers within you,

your own ability to heal Yourself.” My offerings for this wonderful weekend are either personal or group

Reiki sessions, personal or group Drum Journey to find your power animal, De-cording, Crystal Chakra Balancing.  I work with

Spirit Animals, Crystals and Stones, Essential Oils, and Higher Powers. hat is Reiki:  Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress

reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  We all have “life force energy” that flows through us and when it is

high we feel energized but when it’s low we are more likely  to feel stressed and get sick. 

Dictionary definition = “a form of therapy in which the practitioner is believed to channel energy into the

patient to encourage healing or restore well-being.”

What are the benefits of a Reiki Session:
*Helps you manifest your goals
*Enhances personal awareness and promotes spiritual growth
*Balances the energies in the body
*Releases blocks and suppressed feelings
*Balances organs and glands, and their bodily functions
*Treats symptoms as well as causes of disease
*Strengthens immune system
*Clears toxins
*Relieves pain
*Promotes natural self-healing
If you are interested in any of the other items I have listed please contact me at


Meet Ashley O'Connell

Ashley started off in the healthcare field as a Personal Support Worker and then

upgraded to a Practical Nurse, before branching off into the field of wellness. She has

now grown into a practice that is a unique blend of the healing modalities she practices.

Ashley is a teacher of Usui Reiki, a Hypnosis Instructor for The National Guild of

Hypnotists and an NLP Trainer for the National Federation of Neurolinguistic

Programming. Along with regular classes and sessions, Ashley also offers spiritual

retreats into the Amazon and Andean Mountains of Peru. Ashley works with people to

find their true selves;  letting go of fears and anxieties, old patterns, beliefs and habits. 

Working directly with the subconscious Ashley is able to facilitate the bypass

of the “ego” and tap in to ones truest self.

Get to know Ashley better at

    Meet Colynn


                                      Colynn started her journey in the healthcare field in 2000 while simultaneously also beginning her

                                     path in yoga. Moving through the ranks of uncertified Home Support Worker, Care Aide, Licensed

                                     Practical Nurse and then Registered Nurse, all within the Emergency Department, she thought she

                                     had found her place in the world. After years of service, being overworked and under appreciated,

                                     Colynn experienced burnout and decided that being a doctor was likely the answer to it all…

                                      She applied to and was accepted to Medical School and coincidentally also did her yoga teacher

                                      training. She immediately recognized that Med School was not the answer, but felt locked in due

                                      to family support and an incredibly large student loan. Colynn journeyed through it all, starting

                                      a yoga business while raising a family, while working as a nurse and becoming a doctor. Little

                                      sleep and an incredibly packed schedule, brought her to a place of committing to a path, and she

                                     chose the path of yoga. She decided to leave medical school and retire from nursing and put all of

her energy into yoga and eventually coaching others in life and business.
The path of yoga and coaching has brought Colynn’s western knowledge and clinical experience to

meet with her eastern yoga philosophy and chakra work to create her very personal and individually

tailored offerings. She is filled with joy to offer yoga classes, past life regressions and one on one

coaching sessions at the annual Crooked Cures Woman’s Weekend.

Get to know Colynn even better at
Lets get started now! Mountain Flow with Colynn


Meet Britny

Does your body ache? Do you have troubles reaching in cupboards,

for your purse in the back seat of  the car, or toys off the floor?

Do you have trouble concentrating or focusing after a concussion or whiplash

event? I can help.

My name is Britny Sukert. I have a Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy,

I am a Certified Athletic Therapist and Practicing Kinesiologist. I am the owner

and clinician of One Therapy Rehabilitation in Williams Lake, BC. Who am I?
I am a romantic partner, yogi, runner, CrossFit enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, barefoot dancer,
earth/sea/sky adorer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and lover of all beings. I am very excited to be
offering my holistic hands on healing services at Crooked Cures.
Crooked Lake Resort was my home for the first five years of my life. I grew up fishing the lake and
playing in the creek. This place is my absolute favorite place to be and I have been blessed with this
chance to offer my gift to others at the place my journey began.
As an athletic therapist and kinesiologist, I heal the body through manual therapy skills including the
following: mobilisations, soft tissue release, massage and modalities including thermotherapy and
cryotherapy. Manual therapy will increase range of motion and decrease pain, however; therapeutic
exercise is how the injury is corrected.
It is my firm belief that most issues are due to inability to breath, stabilize the core, and listen to the
body. My focus is to give my clients space to be heard, be safe, and tune into their bodies and be guided
through a rehabilitation journey.
At Crooked Cures, I will be offering injury/ body assessments, education, treatment and therapeutic
exercise programs for those seeking a change.
Check out my Instagram, @onetherapyrehabw and Facebook, @onetherapyrehab for more information
on athletic therapy, kinesiology, and me. My website is currently unavailable as I work on some BIG
changes in 2020. See Britny in action as she teaches us how to breathe.

Meet Liz Vaughan   

     Hello everyone,

     I am honoured and excited to be one of the Crooked Cures Crusaders. 

     I have lived in Horsefly off and on for the past 50 years when my family moved up from

     South Dakota to continue ranching. It was here in Horsefly where I met and married my

     husband of the last 40 years and started our family. New work adventures took us to

     Salt Spring Island where our 3rd child was born. From there it was off to the beautiful

     coastal town of Sechelt where we settled for the next 22 years. Through all of this time

     Horsefly had always called me back.

    I am a certified reflexologist and have been practising in Horsefly for the past 3 1/2 years

     where I have been wonderfully welcomed by this amazing community.

     I am currently studying Aricular Therapy ~Ear Reflexology ~and am very excited to be able to offer                                                                                            this very old but new method of healing to my clients. It is incredibly fulfilling and humbling to be able

     to help my clients in their healing journey. I very much look forward to meeting many new people and

     experiencing all of the fantastic energy that will be created at this event. See you there.


Meet Tammy Dormuth 


I want to start off by saying how happy and excited that I am to be both a participant and a practitioner        

(Crooked Crusader) at the Crooked Cures Retreat.

                                 It will be wonderful being surround by incredible scenery and a group of people that are

                                committed to having a relaxing, rejuvenating, educational and hopefully life altering weekend. 

                                 I have lived in the Cariboo for the past 31 years, and love all of the open  spaces and beautiful

,                                scenery, as well as seeing the wildlife frequently.  For several years my family used to come up

                                         from Langley, go to Barkerville and do the Bowron Lakes Canoe Chain.  My parents loved the area

                                so much that they bought the Blue Lake Holiday Campground back in 1986.  I came up to visit for

                                3 weeks, got engaged, and never made it back to the lower mainland.  I spent my first 15 years

                                  raising my family while helping my parents in their beautiful and rustic campground.

                                  I am the proud  mother of 4 children, grandmother of 4, and will be married 31 years in June.

                                  Some of my interests and passions are: family, feeding people, sleep overs with my grandkids,

                                 the outdoors, energy work, gardening, canning/ preserving, hiking, canoeing, swimming, scuba

                                diving, genealogy, teaching, farmers markets, service, and my faith. I have been practising healing

                                modalities for the past 15 years, including overcoming my own debilitating challenges with

                                 health.  These include a conversion disorder which left me with the inability to walk, talk or move

for long periods of time everyday, for several years. I understand the challenges of immobility, shame, illness, disease,

and even depression, from personal experience.

My passion for healing has led me down several pathways, first as a Home Support and Residential Care Aid, and then

branching off into the study of several healing modalities: Reiki Master/Teacher,  Foot Reflexology, Access Bars,

Matrix Energetics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Healing Touch, Healing Touch for Animals, Hot Stone Massage, 

Colon Hydrotherapy, Raynor Massage, Intuitive Work and ionic foot bath. I work to clear your energy pathways;

create relaxation and help alleviate the many ailments caused by stress, trauma, injuries, pain, fear, repetitive strain,

allergies, phobias, etc...

Intuition plays a big role in my treatments, I specialize in connecting to the clients energy , and then allowing their

energy  to guide my hands to the areas of blockage or pain. It also dictates the type of energetic intervention required

at that moment making each session very unique. My goal is to help others to become the best that they can be: 

mentally physically, emotionally and spiritually.

With energy work, there are no boundaries of time or space when it comes to healing, so you can work on a past

trauma, as well as send positive energy to a future event.  This allows for in person treatments as well as working on

somebody from a distance, say several hours away. During the retreat, you will be able to choose the treatment that

seems most appealing to you.  In preparation for the retreat I would like you to make and bring a list of the things

in your life that are bothering you and that you would like assistance in improving. I would love to be able to assist

you with any of your health or well being concerns. 

For more information checkout my website at or email

See Tammy in action~




Crooked Cures is like poetry in motion. I couldn't be happier how it is shaping up to be much more than I could've 

dreamed. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and  Crooked Crusader engagement.

Look under About and Discussion













Bucket List time, October 3rd, 2020.
Ever dreamed of going on an ATV ride in the
back country but don't have an ATV or clue where to go?
Book your cabin at Crooked Lake Resort for the weekend of
October 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Bring your own ATV or
Rent an ATV or side by side from Spectra Power Sports
and follow Trail Boss Wayne through some of the most spectacular back
country trails right in our backyard. Trail Boss Wayne has been making,
clearing and stewarding the trails out here for years, so in celebration of
his dedication and love for the area we are hosting a Trail Boss Wayne
Appreciation Day. No better way than to have him accompany folks on
an intimate, small group of resort guests who never thought they'd see
such incredible sights from Wayne's world. Book your cabin and an ATV
from Spectra Power Sports and celebrate 10% off each too!
Check out these great prices!

                                              1st Day                 Addt’l Day          Week                   Month


ATV (single)                       $225.00               $50.00                  $525.00               $875.00


2-Up ATV                           $275.00               $50.00                  $575.00               $1125.00


Side X Side (2-3 pass.)    $400.00               $50.00                  $700.00               $1300.00


Side X Side (4 pass.)        $450.00               $50.00                  $750.00               $1400.00


Side X Side (6 pass.)        $500.00               $75.00                  $950.00               $1800.00

past Events
2019 2nd Annual Crooked Lake Resort Ice Fishing Derby Raffle Donors
What a spectacular Day to celebrate the 2nd annual derby
There were lots of winners of the raffle prizes and as a team we raised over $800.00 for the
Horsefly P.S. Farm to School Lunch Program to buy beef, pork and lamb raised in harmony
with nature by the Krumsiek family at Big Bear Ranch, who are also going to give the
students an educational tour of the farm. Big kudos goes out to the Truckers Association
for topping us up with $500.00, giving us over $1300.00
celebrating great food for a great program!
Spectra Power Sports BC Link Radio, goggles, Stash Backpack
Cariboo Auto and Springs    PAA Light set
KKB Trucking gas powered auger
Truckers Association $500.00
K.A.M.O. Auto Service Centre 3 gift certificates worth up to $320.00
Big Bear Ranch $80 gift certificate
Cariboo Chevrolet, Buick, GMC 3 gift certificates
G & S Logging Propane heater
Williams Lake Honda fur hat
Tasco Supplies Power Puller
Woodland Jewellers double walled beer mugs
Realm of Toys and the Nerd Room gift certificate
Reiki by Kim gift gift certificates
Chilcotin Guns t shirt, knife, hat
Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Gift certificates 2 x $25.
Brandt Tractor miniature grader
Blue Mountain Gunsmithing and Sales gift pack loaded
James Western Star Trucking BBQ set
Williams Lake Canadian Tire Brad Wall Organizer
Napa Auto Parts travel mugs and chocolate
John Bennetts Porta stove with butane, Mastercraft impact wrench
Craig and Cindy Augustine Trucking Rockwater Designs Snowshoes
Grasslands Toy tractor set
Margetts Meats $25. Gift certificate and deal on hamburgers
Safeway Deal on Buns
1 st Prize Biggest Fish Crooked Lake Resort 2 nights stay in Longhouse, 2 dinners, 2 brunch, and a boat rental. And a Crooked Lake Resort 2nd Annual Ice Fishing Derby winner T shirt in your size 
2 nd Prize 2nd Biggest Fish, Crooked Lake Resort 2 nights cabin stay, 2 brunch and boat or 2 kayak rental and a Crooked Lake Resort T shirt 3 rd Prize 3rd Biggest Fish, Crooked Lake Resort brunch for 2 and a boat rental or 2 kayak or canoe and Crooked Lake Resort T shirt

The games began early for the 2nd Annual Crooked Lake Resort Ice Fishing Derby! A gorgeous day to be outside breathing in the fresh air while absorbing the breathtaking view! While everyone was chill, weigh in was serious business :) While Tom won first prize with his bounding one pounder, Angie pulled it out at the last minute for 2nd prize and Phil took 3rd. Mareika honed her skills and is still out there looking for the big one as I write this :) Tracie served up her famous chili and burgers with one arm in a sling. Thanks so much to everyone who made the somewhat harrowing journey to get out here to support the derby! There were lots of winners of the raffle prizes and as a team we raised over $800.00 for the Horsefly P.S. Farm to School Lunch Program to buy beef, pork and lamb raised in harmony with nature by the Krumsiek family at Big Bear Ranch, who are also going to give the students an educational tour of the farm. Another incredible $500.00 was donated by the Truckers Association to go the the Farm to School Program for other essential needs to keep kids eating/learning/practicing healthy life skills. Please stop in and thank our very generous biz donors by spending your $$ and appreciating them, as we do, for being community initiative partners

Tom wins 1st Prize, Longhouse for 2 nights, 2 dinners, 2 brunches, a boat rental and a derby t shirt. Angie wins a cabin for 2 nights, 2 brunches, a boat rental and a derby t shirt. Phil wins a cabin, brunch and a kayak/canoe for a day. Congratulations! 



2019 Sponsors and Spenders! 

Please Note: 
Follow BC Fishing Regulations Region 5 /docs/1517/fishing_synopsis_2015-17_region5.pdf
Fish has to be handed in for weighing
NO vehicles on the lake
(snowmobiles & ATVs allowed).

Pictures of participants & fish
may be publicized.

2018 winner!

During the fires many programs that were counting on fundraising to help sustain them had to cancel their events. And some programs are just darn good for the health of our communities. We'd like to take this opportunity to send a little something to say how much we appreciate all that they do. We will have bucket draws for the generously donated prizes and all of the proceeds will go to these programs.

Horsefly P.S. Farm to School Lunch Program

Horsefly Volunteer Fire Department

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